Our Story

Our story

Behind every success a great story to tell
We always wanted to make a mark in our society, We believe that is the education is the most important investments in the humans life. from this as engineers we tried to solve the problems of the engineering track, So we’ve learned how to make out from the problems and as we worked hard our idea turned into a real project and the founder of EDUNEER, Mahmoud Khirallah, classified as the best entrepreneur in Egypt and one of the best 50 around the world in April 2019 in Macau, China.recently EDUNEER chosen as one of the top 100 startup world-wide from StartupIstanbul. We’re going on this is just the beginning.

EDUNEER is an educational platform that working on developing the skills of the engineers in the Arab nations through what it offered by our platform, products and services, EDUNEER is the first of its kind in the Arab nations and we’re working hard to make a mark in the engineering track in the Arab nations to be able to change the Arabic area from a consuming area to a productive area.


We are providing high-quality engineering courses in Arabic with keeping the native terms as it is. some courses include an internship to link between the course and the real life and to be qualified engineer. We’re offering job interviews for our successful students to help them to get a job. also we’re providing soft skills courses for free attached to the technical courses that shape the character of the engineer.

Meet Our Teacher

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  • Keny White

    Math Teacher

  • Roger West

    Geographic Teacher

  • Ollie Schneider

    History Teacher

  • Keny White

    Literature Teacher

  • Jackson Nash

    Literature Teacher

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